Solar Installer Training (ASPE)


Solar Installer Training (ASPE)

Main Topics:

✅ Participating in workplace communication
✅ Working in a team environment
✅ Practicing occupational health and safety procedures
✅ Preparing construction materials and tools
✅ Performing mensuration and calculations
✅ Observing procedures, specifications, and manuals of instructions
✅ Installing electrical wiring
✅ Performing PV system testing and commissioning

Founder @AMC Training | BSC. electrical engineering | Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) from IAPPD | US Certified Instructor from ASPE | Young Energy Professional (Middle East) - 2018 from AEE | Contributed to establishing many PV projects; some of more than 5 megawatts, including The Hashemite University PV station | Developed and created more than 25 training curricula; including unique content presented for the first time in Jordan.



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