Earthing & Grounding Systems 

  • Instructor: amctc
  • Duration: 10 hours
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Earthing & Grounding Systems (based on IEC & BS Standards)

📚 Main Topics:
✅ Engineering Roles In Projects
✅ Definition of Earthing
✅ Earthing Codes and Standards
✅ System Types and Classifications
✅ Equipment Protection Class and ELV
✅ Power Source Grounding
✅ Low Voltage Earthing System Components
✅ Telecommunications Earthing System Components
✅ Supplementary Bonding Networks
✅ Ground Fault Protection
✅ Residual Current Protection
✅ Earth Fault Protection Devices
✅ Earth Fault Loop Impedance
✅ Sizing PE Conductors
✅ Step and Touch Voltages
✅ Measurement of Soil Resistivity
✅ Earthing Resistance Calculations
✅ Earthing system testing
✅ Earthing System Design Guidelines in buildings
✅ Earthing System Design for PV systems

About lecturer: 
An electrical engineer and trainer, with over 9 years of working experience in the field of electrical design and consultancy for construction projects. A certified PMP, CEMP, CC, and CL, with Renewable Energy Practitioner certification from the Jordanian Engineers Association (JEA), and a holder of Head of Electrical Design Department from JEA as well.
Training Experience: With over 6 years of training experience with various institutes including the JEA affiliated Young Electrical Engineers Committee (YEEC), and a number of professional training centers in Amman-Jordan.


Eng. Ebtekar


Eng. Mohammad Amireh


Eng. Sarah Jinnefer


Eng. Rawan Tayeh

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