Energy Auditing in Practice

  • Instructor: amctc
  • Duration: 20 hours

Energy Auditing in Practice

Main Topics:


  • Basic knowledge of physics & electricity skills are preferred.

Method of evaluation for obtaining a certificate achievement:

  • Final Exam that measures the understanding of the training program’s basic concepts and objectives.
  • The exam is comprehensive of the basic concepts that were raised during the training period.
  • There is a grading scale for students depending on their performance in the exam and project (excellent, very good, good)
  • Certificates are issued by the Academy Administration with a reference number link to our website so that anyone can verify them.

Advantages of participating in our training program:

  • A certificate linked to our website with a reference number allows anyone to verify it by entering the reference number in the certificates section.
  • A permanent seat in the training program every time it offers, so that the student can repeat any part or even the entire course, directly and for free.
  • Recommendation letter for distinguishing students who achieve an ‘Excellent’ grade by the Academy.

Methods of program delivery: live training via ZOOM

Certificate sample (Achievement):

Certificate sample (Attendance):

Our certificate benefits for trainees:

  • It gives you the chance to update your knowledge and skills to professional degrees that ensure your attainment and success.
  • It maintains the professional level of your experiences through participation in the accredited courses.
  • It helps to direct your professional sense to make significant differences in your work and promotion.
  • Will boost your confidence and credibility, which lifts you among others.
  • It helps to show your achievements.
  • Supports you to make career progress and increase your chances to be promoted and receive a higher income.
  • It provides constant professional and personal development that will let you reach the capability and experience levels you seek.

About Lecturer: 

  • Energy Efficiency Division Manager @ Izzat Marji Group
  • Founding Board Member @ AEE – REES
  • Internation certificates: CEM, CEA, CBEP, & CLEP



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