Certified Business Logistics Professional – CBLP (AMC)

Certified Business Logistics Professional – CBLP 

For all business practitioners who are interested in enriching their practical knowledge in Logistics & Supply Chain domain, this training course is targeting Freshmen, Juniors, Mid-level, and Seniors across different business industries and supply chain sectors. This course offers the necessary orientation for university students who are freshly-graduated and need the right guide and path to start their professional careers in the supply chain domain.

  • By the end of this course, trainees will be able to get a full understanding of how different areas of logistics & supply chain are inter-connected and synchronized to each other to achieve organizational goals and performance.
  • Training Sessions are practically based on real case studies from the workplace to deliver a better understanding of theoretical knowledge.

Main Topics:

لغة الشرح هي العربية والمصطلحات باللغة الانجليزية


  • Logistics Business Models.
  • Demurrage & Detention Analysis.
  • Assigning H.S. Codes for a list of materials.

Case studies:

  • Commercial Agreements through L/C’s, and receiving commodities according to Certificate of Conformity (COC).
  • Shipments Re-routing and the related corrective actions.
  • Rejected Shipments at POD & Letter of Indemnity (LOI’s) between Logistics Parties.

Method of evaluation for obtaining a certificate achievement:

  • Final Exam that measures the understanding of the training program’s basic concepts and objectives.
  • The exam is comprehensive of the basic concepts that were raised during the training period.
  • There is a grading scale for students depending on their performance in the exam and project (excellent, very good, good)
  • Certificates are issued by the Academy Administration with a reference number link to our website so that anyone can verify them.

Advantages of participating in our training program:

  • A certificate linked to our website with a reference number allows anyone to verify it by entering the reference number in the certificates section.
  • A permanent seat in the training program every time it offers, so that the student can repeat any part or even the entire course, directly and for free.
  • Recommendation letter for distinguishing students who achieve an ‘Excellent’ grade by the Academy.

The Certified Business Logistics Professional program is accredited by AMERICAN MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (AMI) one of the sub-divisions working under the umbrella of the American Group for Managing Educational Projects (AGMEP). Where you can optionally, and as desired, issue an electronic certificate of achievement by AMI (for an additional fee – 50 JD | “70$”).

Certificate sample: Click here 

American Group for Managing Educational Projects (AGMEP) is an independent and non-governmental institution specialized in accrediting training programs. And several specializations and associations under its umbrella, one of them is AMERICAN MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (AMI)

Our program benefits for trainees:

  • It gives you the chance to update your knowledge and skills to professional degrees that ensure your attainment and success.
  • It maintains the professional level of your experiences through participation in the accredited courses.
  • It helps to direct your professional sense to make significant differences in your work and promotion.
  • Will boost your confidence and credibility, which lifts you among others.
  • It helps to show your achievements.
  • Supports you to make career progress and increase your chances to be promoted and receive a higher income.
  • It provides constant professional and personal development that will let you reach the capability and experience levels you seek.

About Lecturer: 

  • Eng. Homam Al Rifai, Industrial Engineer holding an MBA degree with practical experience of more than 5 years in the Supply Chain & Logistics domain in the Jordanian FMCG sector.
  • Working currently as a Logistics & Shipping Operations Section Head at (National Poultry Company) one of the business units operating under the umbrellas of the international organization (Del Monte Fresh Produce Inc.), that concerns in globally producing, marketing and distributing a variety of fresh and frozen whole chicken and cutups, as well the meat processing products, in addition to fresh and fresh-cuts of fruits and vegetables.

Offline Learning:


Online Learning:


Eng. Murad (QA/QC – Industrial Engineer)


Eng. Lara (Export & customs – Industrial Engineer)


Eng. Mohammad (Industrial Engineer)


Eng. Jwan (Industrial Engineer – fresh graduate)


Eng. Salma (MBA student – Bedfordshire University | UK)


Lara Al-Nezami (Industrial engineering student – 3rd year)


Farah Al-Khasawneh (Applied English – fresh graduate)


Aya Al-Hmoud (Industrial engineering student – 3rd year)



Shipping & Logistics Operations Section Head at Del Monte Foods, Inc. Certified instructor from AMI



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