Certified Biomedical Engineering Professional

Certified Biomedical Engineering Professional Live Training Via ZOOM 



  • Basic knowledge of physics & electricity skills are preferred.

Advantages of participating in our training program:

  • A certificate linked to our website with a reference number allows anyone to verify it by entering the reference number in the certificates section.
  • A permanent seat in the training program every time it offers, so that the student can repeat any part or even the entire course, directly and for free.
  • Recommendation letter for distinguishing students who achieve an ‘Excellent’ grade by the Academy.

Happy students 🙂 


Methods of program delivery: live training via ZOOM

Certificate sample – CBEP (Achievement):

Anyone can check your Achievement certificate using our website: (click here)

Certificate sample – CBEP (Attendance):

About Lecturer: 

Eng. Zaher Al-Jayyousi, Founder at MADCO engineering solution (Linkedin Profile – Click Here)

Eng. Adel Mannoun, Project Manager at FNMS-Siemens Healthineers (Linkedin Profile – Click Here)

Eng. Hamza Al Ises, business development manager & consultant (Linkedin Profile – Click Here)


Head of Medical Equipment, Project Manager, Healthcare, Imaging Systems, Engineering, MBA, PMP, Six Sigma, Lean



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