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AMC Training & Consultations is specialized in professional trainings in the fields of renewable energy, biomedical engineering, electronics, electricity, and information technology. Based on the labour market needs, we thrive to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practice through comprehensive, indoors and outdoors, programs and training sessions.

Our Team

Eng. Ala`a Mannoun
Founder/Trainer @AMC
Eng. Abdullah Dehadil
Senior PV Engineer @Izzat Marji / Freelance Trainer @AMC
Eng. Haitham Shaqra
Chairman & CEO @Al-Rowwad for Electrical Substations / Freelance Trainer @AMC
Eng. Mohammad Alamaireh
O&M @Kawar Energy / Freelance Trainer @AMC
Eng. Munther Shakboua
Project Engineer @Yellow Door Energy / Freelance Trainer @AMC
Zaher Al-Jayyousi
Head of Medical Equipment, Project Manager, Healthcare, Imaging Systems, Engineering, MBA, PMP, Six Sigma, Lean / Freelance Trainer @AMC
Eng. Mustafa Almomani
Renewable Energy Business & Projects Development @IK Energy / Freelance Trainer @AMC
Eng. Adel Mannoun
CT & MI Engineer / Project Manager PMP® at FNMS - Siemens Healthineers / Freelance Trainer @AMC
Eng. Sujood Gharaibeh
Senior PV Design Engineer @Izzat Marji / Freelance Trainer @AMC
Eng. Abdalrhman Alqatawneh
Sales & technical support engineer, MBA @Madhoun Electronics Co.

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